Anand Sahasranaman Krea University

Anand Sahasranaman

Anand Sahasaranaman, faculty in Mathematics and Computer Science at Krea University, is also a Visiting Scientist at the Centre for Complexity Science at Imperial College London and Research Adviser at Dvara Research. His research is focused on exploring socioeconomic processes through the lens of complexity science and computational models.

He obtained his Ph.D., in Mathematics from Imperial College London, where he was a Schrödinger Scholar, for research on processes such as segregation and economic decline as complex systems. Anand was a founding member of the Dvara Trust in 2008 and for over five years from 2010, led the work of Dvara Research. His research agenda there revolved around questions of financial systems design, customer protection frameworks, rural household portfolios, and public finance for small cities. As part of this work, he also engaged with policy makers in finance, urban and rural development. Prior to this, Anand worked at IFMR Capital on financial access for institutions impacting low-income households. Between 2003 and 2007, he worked on the structured product desks at the investment firm Broadstreet Group and hedge fund Pali Capital, modelling structured debt instruments. He started out as a programmer at Tata Infotech in 1999.

Anand trained as an electronics engineer at PSG Tech and has an MBA in Finance from Carnegie Mellon.

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