Vidushi Marda ARTICLE 19

Vidushi Marda

Vidushi Marda, a legal researcher interested in the interplay between emerging technologies, policy, and society.

She currently works as Programme Officer with ARTICLE 19‘s Team Digital, where her primary focus is on the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues that arise from algorithmic decision making. More specifically, she looks at the human rights implications of machine learning. She also works on strengthening human rights considerations in internet infrastructure, particularly at internet governance bodies like ICANN and the IEEE. Additionally, she is a non-resident research analyst at Carnegie India where she works on a rights-based approach to machine learning, and a Research Associate at DATACTIVE, the University of Amsterdam where she looks at content regulation vis-a-vis increased dominance of private platforms on the Internet.

Previously, she worked at The Centre for Internet and Society, where she focussed on access to knowledge, network neutrality, big data, and strengthening freedom of expression and privacy in Internet governance.

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